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Course Description

This auditing course covers an in-depth review and instruction on how to audit the API Q2 specification, from contract review through service execution at the rig site from the facility that supports the rig.  This course is the first of its type and includes instructions from the Industry Experts.  You will be a part of an actual audit team and conduct an actual API Q2 audit on a MOCK company.  During this audit you will receive a competency assessment by the WPAG, the industry experts in API Q2.  Upon completion you will receive a unique registration number and be able to perform effective audits that will return shareholder value while minimizing risks.  Your auditor credentials will be recognized throughout the industry.  This course is taken by the International, National, State Owned Oil Companies, Industry Service Providers and Industry Auditors.  There is no other auditing course like it in the industry, as it goes far beyond any general auditor or lead auditor qualification course.  Instead, this program focuses on the technical aspects of the specification and shows exactly what and how to audit the controls and required evidence. 

​Upon successful completion, participants are granted 2.5 CEUs and a unique registered number which is recognized throughout the industry.


API Spec Q2 Training

Who Should Attend

This course has been designed for anyone who is expected or
​plans to audit in the petroleum, oil and gas industry.

API Q2 Technical Application for Lead Auditor

Duration : 3 Days