Course Credentials

* Dates and location subject to change based on enrollment numbers.

  • ​Houston, TX-US (Feb 10-12)
  • ​Houston, TX-US (April 27-April 29)
  • ​Houston, TX-US (July27-July 30)
  • Houston, TX-US (Nov. 9-11)

Course Dates

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Course Description

This course was designed to meet the needs of both Operators and Service Providers and covers all requirements of the API Q2 specification including the intent and application. In addition, it covers the critical clauses and controls, teaching service providers how to properly develop, deploy, implement and sustain the specification and operators how to review and audit for maximum effectiveness. In this course, we discuss the fundamentals and thoroughly examine the key controls within the standard and how to apply them to eliminate risk while improving operations..

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certification issued by WPAG.

Summary of Course Curriculum

  • API Q2 Specification Body of Knowledge               
  • Service Quality Plans
  • Product & Service Realization                                   
  • Contract Review   
  • Competency Expectation                                                 \
  • Service Designs      
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Management of Change
  • Contingency Planning
  • Internal Audits
  • Procurement & Critical Suppliers
  • KPI & Critical Success Factors
  • Service Execution 
  • Benefits to Service Provider and Operators


Who Should Attend

Operators, manufactures, industry suppliers, 3rd party auditors, and consultants who support the upstream service sector and their supporting global supply chain.  This program is designed for quality, HSE, and operational personnel. 

This course is utilized by the international, national and state owned oil companies for both training and to obtain a baseline competency assessment by an accredited provider.

API Q2 Essentials

Specification for QMS Requirements for Service Supply Organizations

Duration : 3 Days