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Global Supply Chain Qualification Audits

We have a group that focuses on the global supply chain that are able to support our service providers with qualifying and if required, certifying their supply base.

Operator Assurance Audits

Operator assurance audits are unique and are contracted only under the operators. These audits are requested by the operators to ensure that service providers have the capability, capacity, equipment, processes, systems, controls and competencies in place to execute their contracts while minimizing risks to the operators.

Competency Validation Process

The competency validation process goes beyond the routine audit and assessments. While many think or claim to have a good competency model in place with competent employees, this type of audit services as a 3rd party validation assuring the employees undergo a competency process that is appropriate for the type of service and the associated risks. This audit is typically requested by operators for validation and service providers who want to be able to provide to their clients a 3rd party competency validation of their internal processes.

With thousands of consulting firms, registrars and auditors in the industry, why chose WPAG? Simply stated, WPAG auditors are the absolute best in the petroleum and natural gas industry. In addition to the standard auditor certifications and industry experience, WPAG auditors undergo a rigorous competency process so that they are able to bring value to each and every one of our clients.

Our auditors are experts with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, OSHA VPP and API Q1. In addition, WPAG employees are the absolute best API Q2 service sector auditors. While our audits are not easy, they add value to your organization, helping you to improve internal efficiencies while minimizing your internal and external risks. There are a lot of companies who will give you a certification but there is only one certification carrying the “Wollam Petroleum Advisory Group” name, reputation and credibility that goes along with it. WPAG offers the following types of audits:

Internal Management System Audits

WPAG offers a full range of internal management system audits. With this service we are able to audit your own internal management system or the WPAG customized management system to meet your need prior to receiving your 3rd part certification audit. Our sister company, "Wollam Auditing Services", is an independent and separate company who focuses on certification audits,  including: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, API Q1, API Q2 and integrated management system audits. 

Specialized & Focused Audits

WPAG offers a full range of specialized and focused audits. These audits help to improve processes, products and services while identifying associated risks. This category of audits also includes advisory of controls to mitigate and/or eliminating risks. They are requested by operators, service providers and critical suppliers who want to ensure a safe, efficient and reliable service with the use of service related products.