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Wollam Petroleum Advisory Group (WPAG) graduated fifteen API Q2 Practitioners from Baker Hughes Incorporated in the Gulf of Mexico region on September 18, 2014. The Practitioner designation is the highest individual certification that an individual can achieve. The course consist of 40 hours of extensive training and practical application to learn both the intent and how to properly deploy, implement and sustain the controls that improve operational integrity while mitigating risks throughout service execution in the oil and gas industry. The Practitioner is a NEW designation which focuses on building individual competencies around the API Q2 Specification. WPAG, a leading petroleum, oil and gas advisory group, are the developers of the API program and is supporting Baker Hughes in their implementation of the specification. WPAG offers both public and private courses and are the official trainers to qualify all other consulting firms on how to administer the program. To date, only thirty five individuals from various operators and services companies have made it through this new level of competency and BHI holds nearly 50% of them. “This clearly shows BHI’s commitment to their employees, customers and to the industry where they operate” say Bryan Wollam, CEO of WPAG. During the course, the participants not only learn the specification but they learn how to implement the controls and develop a service quality plan that takes into account their customer requirements; operational, environmental and well integrity information; risk assessment and management; contingency planning for service execution; control over critical suppliers and actual performance validation. “While many companies will attempt to read and self-train their employees, BHI has put their professional staff through the most advanced individual Q2 certification program in the industry” says Bryan Wollam. The program has received exceptional reviews from the industries operators and service providers. There is currently a wait list going into 2015 from both operators and service providers, to obtain the training from WPAG. For more information on this advance program, contact API at www.api.org or WPAG at www.wollampag.com.

Baker Hughes Incorporated Leads the Industry with API Q2 Practitioners