• IACET Accredited 

  • Competency Assessor
  • ​Learning and Development Professional

WPAG has a broad range of services which include:

Advisory Services : We provide advisory services to operators, service providers, private and government institutions in matters related to operational excellence.

Training : Our training services include training, certifications and competency validations.

Programs : WPAG's programs range from comprehensive management systems to individual elements.

  • ISO IMS Practitioner​​
  • ISO IMS Technical Application for Lead Auditors
  • ISO 9001 Generalist
  • ​ISO 9001 Fundamentals
  • ​ISO 9001 Practitioner
  • ​ISO 9001 Technical Application for Lead Auditors

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Welcome to Wollam Petroleum Advisory Group’s webpage. WPAG is the premiere petroleum, oil and gas consulting firm around the globe. We are the only firm that gives every client a Service Satisfaction Guarantee.  If our services do not deliver on the stated results, you do not pay the performance cost associated with our services. This is how confident we are in our staff, products and services. WPAG is an authorized  Accredited IACET qualified provider for training, auditing and certification services. Our founder and CEO, Mr. Bryan Wollam is considered to be an industry expert and has worked closely with the industry's operators, service providers, suppliers and API to develop the industry training and certification programs.

ISO IMS Professional Series

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ISO 9001:2015 Professional Series

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ISO 14001:2015 Professional Series

  • ISO 14001 Generalist
  • ​ISO 14001 Fundamentals
  • ​ISO 14001 Practitioner
  • ​ISO 14001 Technical Application for Lead Auditors

WPAG supports industry standards, specification and programs with subject matter experts actively participating in the API committees and subcommittees. Our founder and CEO presents at international and national conferences on the value of these standards and the industry programs, providing insight on  properly deploying and implementing these standards to improve efficiencies, reduce operational cost while eliminating process and business related risk(s).

WPAG supports small business and offers up to 4 hours per month of free consulting, training and development within the petroleum, oil and gas industry.

  • Lean Six Sigma Advanced Yellow Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


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