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Course Description

The DMAIC course is designed to provide participants with the essential logic concepts and problem-solving tools to systematically analyze and improve any process. Emphasis is placed on the 5 DMAIC steps, the 33 roadmap checkpoints, and the application of the appropriate analytical tools for each step and situation. This course is the second of the three Advanced Yellow Belt courses which are prerequisites to enrolling in the highly acclaimed ets Green Belt Certification program.


 Summary of Course Curriculum

  • The five DMAIC method steps and 33 roadmap checkpoints.
  • The most appropriate tools and techniques, and when to apply them.
  • The different types of data and how to use this knowledge when approaching problems.
  • How to quantify the Costs of Poor Quality and maximize benefits throughout the DMAIC methodology. 


   There are no prerequisites for this course. To achieve Advanced Yellow Belt Certification, Yellow Belt, DMAIC, and Project Management for Six Sigma     must be completed within a 12-month period.


Who Should Attend

This course is utilized by the international, national and state-owned oil companies for both trainings and to obtain a baseline competency assessment by an accredited provider.