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PetroWise™ Success
PetroWise™ has been utilized in the following Regions: Africa, Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania, which include more than 110 Countries and utilized by the International, National and State Owned Oil Companies and Service Providers.  Our new Virtual Training has received raving reviews, testifying to the quality of the learning experience while cutting training cost by more than 60%.  WPAG has invested heavily in our technology and Virtual Programs, ensuring all of them meet the accreditation bodies requirements that we are aligned to IACET.   Our online programs are carry the same accreditation as our classroom and upon successful completion of the program each participant receives a unique Registered Professional Number and their professional credentials which are recognized around the globe.

WPAG is accredited by International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET), the World’s top accrediting agencies for Universities, degree programs and certifications.  

WPAG only utilizes degreed, competent and certified Instructors with the experience in the Oil and Gas Industry.  Our instructors teach at the private and public sectors to include teaching at major universities and who are supported by our Master Educators who carry Master Degree in Education and have been certified as Teachers with more than a decade of experience teaching in the public education sector.    

Every Service, Every Product is backed by our Client Service Guarantee.

WPAG is your Trusted Advisors in the Oil and Gas Industry.

PetroWise™ The Industry New Virtual Training Platform

PetroWise™ utilizes State of the Art Technology and the latest teaching methodologies around the globe.  Our online virtual learning environment allows the oil and gas industry to learn in a virtual learning environment, from live instructors while eliminating the need for travel.   The Virtual platform performs the same as our traditional classrooms, hosting breakout sessions and team work through Virtual teams and the use of the latest online technology, including online notebooks, whiteboards, break out classrooms, videos and access to all of the course materials.  You will be able to interact with our instructors and other professional around the globe, right from your computer.