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RPN™ License Order Information

Please click here to download the RPN™ Wallet size license order form and email the completed form to info@wollampag.com

Registered Professional Network™ - Credential Verification Services (CVS) Technology

WPAG has invested heavily in our  accreditation processes, training & competency programs, technology and security of our networks.  Following each of our programs, WPAG will not only be issuing the professional leather bound certifications with unique registration numbers, but also a wallet license with “Credential Verification Services (CVS)" technology.  What is unique, is if you download the “Quick Response (QR)” app (click here to download QR app) on any smart phone and hold the reader over the QR code, all of your credentials will be validated and displayed on the phone.  All of the credentials are validated through the credential verification services. We have extensive security built in around this technology and our databases. The RPN™ will be used to track all professional licenses, credentials and competency, to include product specifications (coming in 2016).  We are excited to bring you this technology and to be trusted with your training, competency and professional development goals.,   

Below is a sample of the wallet license that each of the participant's receive after completing a qualifying program.  It displays the participant's name, RPN Number and the RPN Logo™.  The back of the card display the QR code and the CVS wording.  As the participant complete these professional programs, credentials are loaded in the Registered Professional Network (RPN)™ database.  When the QR code is scan, it will display the participant's photo, RPN™ number and all of the verified credentials. Each of our accredited programs are backed by one or more of our accreditation bodies.  Those that have completed one of our programs, realize the difference in our teaching methodology, course materials, training technology and the quality of our Master Instructors and University Professors.

  • Certified Petrochemical Quality Professional
  • Certified Petrochemical Safety Professional
  • Oil & Gas Executive Management Series
  • Auditing Professional Series

Registered Professional Courses

  • API Q1 Professional Series
  • API Q2 Professional Series
  • API Product Specification Competency Series
  • Risk Management Professional Series

Registered Professional Logo

The RP Logo below is granted to each individual that successfully completes one of WPAG Registered Professional Courses.  Upon successful completion, a unique RPN number is issued and a public profile is completed in the Network.  This network is available to everyone in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industry, to include the international, national, independent and state owned oil companies and service providers, as well as employers around the Globe. 

The Mark of Competency

REGISTERED PROFESSIONAL IS THE MARK OF COMPETENCY IN THE PETROLEUM OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY.  The RP official, trademarked logo along with the unique registration number is the mark of competency in the Petroleum, Oil and Gas Industry.   This mark represents an individual who underwent a program meeting the Competency-Based Certification Program, which is the highest level of competency in our Industry.  WPAG offers certifications and registration numbers for API Q1, API Q2, CPQP, CPSP, Risk Management along with many other topics, to include product specifications.  You can validate the competency by going to a public portal, that tracks individual registration numbers and certification status. WPAG is the only organization who has such programs, backing up their mark with true competency assessments and competency based program, which are evaluated during our accreditation process. 

Every Service, Every Product is backed by our Client Service Guarantee.

WPAG is your Trusted Advisors in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Registered Professional Network™ (RPN)

WPAG has worked with educators and accreditation bodies to develop REGISTERED PROFESSIONAL NETWORK™ for the Petroleum, Oil and Gas Industry.  This network includes unique registration numbers for each professional designation received through WPAG and allows the industry to locate Registered Professionals for their areas of expertise.

Registered Professional Network™