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Industry Support

WPAG supports industry standards, specification and programs with subject matter experts actively participating in the API committees and subcommittees. Our founder and CEO presents at international and national conferences on the value of these standards and the industry programs and provides insight on how to properly deploy and implement these standards to improve efficiencies, reducing operational cost while eliminating process and business related risk(s).

Operator Services

WPAG offers a line of specific service for operators. These services are reserved exclusively for operators and serve as an independent check and validation of the service providers systems, processes and services WPAG has an extensive background in both oil and gas manufacturing and servicing.

Every Service, Every Product is backed by our Client Service Guarantee.

WPAG is your Trusted Advisors in the Oil and Gas Industry.

WPAG has a broad range of services which include:

 Inspection & Surveillance Services

Our inspection services range from 3rd party inspections of your service related products and equipment to a wide range of QC inspections. Our inspectors not only carry the required Level I, II and III certifications but undergo extensive training on the related product specifications. In addition, every Level II inspector and above is thoroughly trained in either API Q1, 9th edition and/or API Q2, depending on the type of inspection environment they are experienced and supporting.


There are hundreds of registrars and consulting firms offering auditing services, so why chose WPAG? WPAG auditors are the best in the industry and our auditing processes ensure results. Our auditors have an in-depth understanding of not only standards but the intent of the standards as well as hands on experience deploying, implementing and sustaining these standards throughout the oil and gas industry.


WPAG's programs range from comprehensive management systems to individual components such as service and product quality plans, management of change, risk management, calibration, product and process realization, etc. WPAG management system and program services are different in that we don't offer a fill in the blank to pass a 3rd party audit management system. The management system and programs are matched to your specific organization, to assure you and your clients the expected results. If you have a management system but are struggling with performance or if you wish to improve with a single component, try WPAG and witness the difference.

Training & Certification

Our training services include training, certifications and competency validations. Our certification programs are unmatched in the industry and include certifications such as: Certified Petroleum Quality Professional (CPQP™) and Certified Petroleum Safety Professional (CPSP™), which are not only backed up by WPAG but the industries top societies and organizations that we have teamed with, such as API, IACET, IRCA. WPAG also offers competency assessments for industry standards. As importantly, we offer competency validations for operators and service providers.

Advisory Services

Some consulting firms focus on business strategy while other assist with deploying technology, WPAG's advisory services ensure a flawless execution of both. We provide advisory services to operators, service providers, private and government institutions in areas related to operations, quality, health & safety, environmental, reliability, and process improvement. We cover manufacturing, services and the global supply chain. Our advisors all have a decade or more of hands-on industry experience with proven track records.

Our Services