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Email: info@wollampag.com                                                  Website: www.wollampag.com


5847 San Felipe St., Suite 1700, Houston TX 77057             Tel:  +(1) 713-821-1741   

Email: info@wollampag.com                                                  Website: www.wollampag.com

Every Service, Every Product is backed by our Client Service Guarantee.

WPAG is your Trusted Advisors in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Bryan Wollam

He is the founder and CEO of WPAG. He has three college degrees and holds industry recognized certifications in the areas of quality, occupational health and safety, environmental, reliability and risk management. His education and credentials are backed by more than 20 years of industry and management experience. He obtained his business management degree from the University of Phoenix and takes a holistic business approach when implementing management systems. He has served in executive level positions for fortune 500 service companies in the oil and gas industry. In addition, he has consulted and served the automotive, aerospace, department of defense and a number of US government agencies. He has worked closely with API on the development of the latest API Q1 and Q2 standards. He is known as an industry expert on API Q2 and developed the technical content for the industries API Q2 training program for operators, service providers, 3rd party auditors and consultants. He is a distinguished and sought after speaker, effective communicator and trusted advisor to all segments of the petroleum, oil and gas industry. 

He has in-depth knowledge and expertise in organizational transformation, ISO, OHSAS and API standards/specifications, HSE and risk management, lean transformation, process improvement, change management and running highly effective workshops and seminars. His contributions, consultation and management has improved operational performance in an number of industries and fortune 500 companies, resulting in profitability and share holder value as well as prestigious awards in the areas of occupational health and safety performance and management system development. He is dedicated to help lead the industry in operational excellence through mentorship, consulting, development and knowledge transfer.


The WPAG team consist of the industries best instructors, auditors, consultants and program developers. Every member of WPAG has extensive industry experience and is highly qualified. They have proven track records and have led organizations to operational excellence. Every member of WPAG gives the Client Service Guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction.

About The Founder and CEO

WPAG is so confident that our products and services are industry best that our contracts are performance based; meaning if you are not completely satisfied and we do not deliver on what we committed, you do not pay the performance portion of the contract.


The Wollam Petroleum Advisory Group, LLC (WPAG) supports the petroleum, oil and gas industry by working with operators, service providers, regulators and the American Petroleum Institute (API) on the development of industry standards, programs training and certifications. WPAG is an industry leader and trusted advisor to all segments in the petroleum, oil and gas industry. We specialize in the development, implementation and sustainment of management systems that improve efficiencies while minimizing risks, returning shareholder value and profitability to the organizations we support. WPAG has international experience working with both large and small operators, manufacturers and service providers. We offer a full line of consulting, training, certifications, auditing, inspection and program development.

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