​Our New Accredited Micro Training & Validation Program


Wollam Groups, LLC offers a wide range of public and onsite accredited training, certificate, and certification programs.  Both our accredited training (certificate) courses and our accredited certification programs are industry best and all qualify for accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  Each of our courses are developed using the most robust process in any industry segment.  Companies, government and individuals have asked why our courses are so comprehensive, engaging and different than our competitors.  Wollam Groups Education Management System (EdMS) is IACET Accredited and meets the ISO 21001:2018 requirements for a management system for educational organizations (EOMS).  We have perfected the course design and development process, taking into account IACET, ISO and the US Department of Education guidelines when developing our programs.  In addition to the above, each of our programs undergoes a thorough, comprehensive, and robust process and includes all of the accreditation components:

  • Needs Analysis                               
  • Course Design
  • Course Development
  • Multiple Industry Pilots
  • Results Validation
  • Accredited CEU Calculation
  • Instructor Competency Process
​education series
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Learning & Development Professional
  • Competency Assessor

The credentials issues are also industry best. Each set of earned accredited credentials are Leather bound, 11 X 14 Certificates on the highest quality of paper that is professional printed not copied. Each contain the marks of Wollam Groups and our Accreditation Body and includes both the Accredited IACET CEUs and a unique and traceable Registered Professional Number (RPN™).  In addition you receive your durable plastic RPN License, which includes embedded Credential Verification Services (CVS) and when scanned with any smart phone, will pull up your photo
​(if provided), your name, ID number, accredited courses completed, the number of earned accredited CEUs, and any expiration dates.  So, if you are going offshore or traveling abroad, there is no reason to carry your professional bound certificates, just show your RPN™ Card and it will display all of your accredited credentials instantly.   

petrowise™ (virtual training program)

All our accredited courses are available in both a standard classroom setting or in our state-of-the-art virtual learning environment, known as PetroWise™.  Our virtual training program is done with live certified instructors, as well as allowing our participants to interact with professionals around the globe.  This is far more advanced than an online application such as zoom or Microsoft team.  PetroWise™ is a virtual classroom, with break out session, electronic whiteboard, interactive applications and live instructors.  It is like being in a real classroom from the privacy of your own home or workspace.  With workplace disruptions caused by COVID-19, our PetroWise™ application has the same level of quality and accreditation as our in person training. 

lean six sigma series
  • Lean Six Sigma Advanced Yellow Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
​iso ims professional series
  • ISO IMS Practitioner
  • ISO IMS Technical Application for Lead Auditors

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​accredited training programs​

At present, this set of accredited training we provide to the Offshore sector of the Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry.  Yes Offshore, and we go offshore to deliver this training in 20 minutes followed by a real-life validation process while your employees do their everyday work activities.  Our Micro Training was designed for minimal disruptions as you cannot afford to shut down your platforms but require real meaningful training in the workplace.  Our Micro Training is more engaging, less time-consuming, and extremely impactful.  One of our experts will go to the offshore platform, take 20 minutes to each a topic, such as Hazard Identification.  Following the training, our expert(s) stay on the platform the remainder of the day to visit the different work location and conduct observations to show the training being put into real life application.  We interact, engage and set behaviors that improve your service quality and HSE performance.  This program is our most advance and the only one offered for Offshore Services.  Each employee receives credentials with Accredited IACET CEU.  Its affective, impactful and you get real time results the same day.  Our Micro training delivers short bursts of critical content with real world application.  Our accredited micro training is:

  • Faster to Deliver and less disruptive.
  • Its more Affordable and occurs in the real workplace.
  • Its Flexible and can take place at any time of the day for entire rig crews or teams.
  • Employee find it more engaging.
  • It boos knowledge retention.
  • It allows employees to apply the learning within minutes of learning.  
​api spec q1 series
  • API Spec Q1 Generalist
  • API Spec Q1 Essentials
  • API Spec Q1 Professional
  • API Spec Q1 Technical Application for Lead Auditors


Our Assessment Certificate Programs includes a process of Assessing an individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities after satisfying a set of defined prerequisites and a standardized process of evaluation through a combination of formative and summative assessments.  Our Assessment Certificate Programs result in Industry recognized credentials.

Wollam Groups Training and Certificate Programs are recognized globally and are highly respected throughout the Industry. Our programs are unique and unlike any of our competitors. The credentials are not easy to obtain and consist of a combination of accredited IACET CEUs, hundreds of hours of qualification experience and a set of formatives (competency) assessments.  Our Assessment-Based Certificate Programs allow personnel to establish a career path while providing a valued contribution to their employers.

Our Certificate programs include validated minimum hours of accredited training with completed assessments that verify the holder’s ability to apply the required knowledge. 

​iso 14001 professional series
  • ISO 14001 Generalist
  • ISO 14001 Fundamentals
  • ISO 14001 Technical Application for Lead Auditor

Below are the ACP Programs that we offer through Wollam Groups:
  • Operational Excellence Advisor Certificate Program
  • Operational Excellence Advisor Certificate Program with a PNG Endorsement
  • Integrated Management System Auditor Certificate Program
  • Integrated Management System Auditor Certificate Program with a PNG Endorsement
  • Instructional Designer, Trainer & Competency Assessor Certificate Program

registered professional network™

The Registered Professional Network™ is utilized to track your unique and registered credentials in the Industry.  Our programs meet our international and national accreditation bodies.  Upon completion of each of our professional series, you receive a unique and traceable tracking number and enrolled in the Registered Professional Network™.  You will receive your professional credentials and a wallet size durable license showing your registered professional number.  The license is equipped with a unique QR code which is a part of our “Credential Verification Services”.  You can hold any smart phone up to your license and it will verify all of your professional credentials, by displaying your photo, name and professional courses completed.  The RPN services will be used to track all professional licenses, credential and competencies completed.  

​api spec q2 series
  • API Spec Q2 Generalist
  • API Spec Q2 Essentials
  • API Spec Q2 Professional
  • API Spec Q2 Technical Application for Lead Auditors

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accredited training

​iso 9001 professional series
  • ISO 9001 Generalist
  • ISO 9001 Fundamentals
  • ISO 9001 Technical Application for Lead Auditors
​AUDITOR series
  • Auditor Essentials​

Wollam Groups offers a number of competency programs in different areas, including quality, safety, environmental, auditing, regulatory, ISO standards and API specifications. We stand behind our training, certification, and competency programs to the point that we give every client a Performance Service Guarantee. Every participant that passes our courses will have the technical knowledge and practical skills to deploy and implement the learning, bringing immediate value to the organization they represent. If the company representing the employee is not satisfied with the training, certification or competency assessment process, Wollam Groups will give a performance refund or offer remedial training at no cost to our clients.

Do your training providers go offshore?  To our knowledge Wollam Groups is the only Accredited Training provider that delivers accredited offshore micro training in hazardous work areas, followed by observations by accredited competency assessors, all for a price lower than a classroom setting.  See why Wollam is different – If you not sure, try us out on a Performance Based Contract (PBC), meaning you hold our profits for up to 120 days and pay us in whole or in-part based on your actual performance and feedback. 

 NOTICE: Not all Training Providers are Equal

Only Accredited Training Providers under the International Association of Continuing Education & Training (IACET) is authorized to issue Accredited CEUs.  Any other entity, company or individual granting CEUs who do not hold an Accreditation through IACET are not accredited.  If a company is making a claim of accreditation or accredited CEUs look them up by going to www.iacet.org and validate their credentials.  If they are making a claim on accreditation, hold them accountable and request their accreditation.