We also offer Accredited training programs and issue Accredited IACET CEUs covering Regulatory, ISO Standards, API Specifications, Lean Six Sigma, etc. through Wollam Groups. 

You can ensure that a WPAG Advisors are subject matter experts and has completed his/her accredited training requirements, undergone the most robust qualification and competency program and backed by a decade or more of experience, earning the respect of industry. This level of trust is not given but earned, and Wollam sets the gold standard on training, competencies and advisory services.

Our Assessment Certificate Programs includes a process of Assessing an individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities after satisfying a set of defined prerequisites and a standardized process of evaluation through a combination of formative and summative assessments.  Our Assessment Certificate Programs result in Industry recognized credentials.

Wollam Groups Training and Certificate Programs are recognized globally and are highly respected throughout the Industry. Our programs are unique and unlike any of our competitors. The credentials are not easy to obtain and consist of a combination of accredited IACET CEUs, hundreds of hours of qualification experience and a set of formatives (competency) assessments.  Our Assessment-Based Certificate Programs allow personnel to establish a career path while providing a valued contribution to their employers.

Our Certificate programs include validated minimum hours of accredited training with completed assessments that verify the holder’s ability to apply the required knowledge. 

​assessment-based certificate programs (acp)

Our Assessment Certificate Program

Below are the ACP Programs that we offer through Wollam Groups:

  • Operational Excellence Advisor Certificate Program
  • Operational Excellence Advisor Certificate Program with a PNG Endorsement
  • Integrated Management System Auditor Certificate Program
  • Integrated Management System Auditor Certificate Program with a PNG Endorsement
  • Instructional Designer, Trainer & Competency Assessor Certificate Program

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advisory services

​ISO Standards and API Specifications Organizational Certification Services

We offer this services through Wollam Auditing Services, including:

  • Certificate of Compliance (COC)
  • Certificate of Registration (COR)
  • Certificate of Alignment (COA)
  • Certificate of Demonstration (COD) (Also commonly referred to as a Certificate of Conformance)
  • Certificate of Product Conformance (COPC)

 If we issue you an API specification certificate, we will always issue you the ISO certificates at no additional cost, as our audits cover both the ISO standard and API specification requirements.  Please visit Wollam Auditing Services for additional information on Organizational Certification Services. 

WPAG has deep roots in the petroleum, oil and gas industry. We have experience and history working with all segments including State Owned, International, National and Independent Operators, Drilling Contractors, Service Providers, Trade Organizations and Government Entities that influence and dictate the future direction of the industry. Our Advisors are subject matter experts within their areas of specialty who undergo a rigorous qualification and competency process.  In fact, no other company can back their consultants, trainers and auditor with hundreds of hours of accredited training and competency program.  We are one of the very few that are contracted to go offshore to improve drilling processes, occupational health, safety and environmental factors and certificate services.  We currently offer advisory services in the following areas for petroleum, oil and gas: 

  • Quality (Manufacturing and Services)
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environmental
  • Risk Management
  • ISO Standards and API Specifications