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Wollam Petroleum Advisory Group offers a series of accredited advisory and training services.  These include:

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our services

operator services

We offer specialized auditing, surveillance and inspection services for State-Owned, International and National Operators.  These services are reserved exclusively for the operator and serve as an independent check and validation that the service supply organization is meeting contract requirements and industry standard/specification criteria.  We also help Operators with BSEE compliance for offshore operations. 

industry support

We support professional Trade Organizations, including IADC, API, and IACET and actively participate in related committees, subcommittees, and task groups.  Our CEO also sets on the IACET Board of Directors and Chairs the IACET PNG Advisory Committee for the Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry.  We present at international conferences on the value of industry standards and specifications.  

accredited training

Our training programs are conducted under Wollam Groups, an International Accredited Training Organization.  All our training programs are accredited and participate receive Accredited IACET CEUs, which are utilized to obtain and maintain professional credentials and certifications.  Our certification programs focus on areas of quality, occupational health and safety, professional consulting and auditing services.  Our certification process includes knowledge and competency demonstration and experience verification.  Our accredited training programs and certifications are recognized around the world and utilized by the government, private industry, and the education industry.  Click here to learn more.

advisory services

Some consulting firms focus on business strategy, while others deploy the technology. WPAG services ensure flawless execution of both.  We provide advisory services in areas related to business strategy, service quality, manufacturing, occupational health, safety and environmental performance, regulatory compliance, ISO Standards, and API Specifications.  We are the only firm that provides Accredited Workshops which ensure qualification, training, and implementation at your facility. Click here to learn more.


Our programs range from comprehensive management systems to individual procedures, processes, and programs.  Our models, such as the Service Execution Model™ have been deployed around the globe and utilized by our industry's largest service supply organizations around the world.  We do not offer fill in the blank management systems, which are frowned upon by our Industry's largest and most successful Operators and Service Supply Organizations; instead, our programs are customized to align to your organizations' strategic direction while complying with ISO and API specification requirements.  You own the Intellectual Property when we are finished and pay zero licenses or maintenance fees. 

audit services

Our audits are conducted by Wollam Auditing Services, an independent company, who utilizes IRCA certified auditors and who have obtained more than 100 hours of accredited training for the ISO Standards and API Specifications that they audit. This is backed by one of the most comprehensive competency programs for any industry.  Our auditors audit for the Industry's largest Certification Bodies, Operators, Service Providers, and Drilling Contractors.  Our Audit programs include management system certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards and API Q1, API Q2, 18LCM specifications.  Our Certificate of Product Conformance (COPC) is issued against the relevant API product specification and the equivalent ISO standard. We perform Certification, Supplier, Products, and Compliance audits.  Click here to learn more.