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WPAG offers a line of specific service for operators. These services are reserved exclusively for operators and serve as an independent check and validation of the service providers systems, processes and services. WPAG has an extensive background in both oil and gas manufacturing and servicing.

Management System Validation

Our management system validation evaluates the service providers' management system against the specification that you have required, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, API Q1 and API Q2. In addition, we audit the service providers management system against your criteria specified in your contracts. This can include additional requirements under an API Q1/Q2 clause or an integrity specification that you have required compliance against.

Contract Execution Assurance Audits

Contract execution assurance audits are unique and are contracted only under the operators. These audits are requested by the operators to ensure that service providers have the capability, capacity, equipment, processes, systems, controls and competencies in place to execute their contracts while minimizing risks to the operators.

Operator Competency Validation Process

The competency validation process goes beyond the routine audit and assessments. While many think or claim to have a good competency model in place with competent employees, this 3rd party validation services give the operator assurance that the service provider has a robust competency process in place that it is actively deployed and implemented. WPAG will look at their competency system, to include their procedures, processes and instructors as well as randomly select their employees to interview to ensure they have undergone the approved competency processes that is appropriate for the type of service and the associated risks.

Service Quality Plan Reviews

The Service Quality Plan (SQP) is by far the most critical deliverable from the service company to the operator. WPAG offers an independent review of the SQP prior to the service company executing the service. This review is critical as it covers all stages of the service to include the associated risks and how the service company is mitigating the risks. WPAG’s founder was one of the developers of the SQP criteria and developed the industry training program for understanding and completing SQPs. In addition to reviewing prior to service execution, we also offer an audit against the SQP following failure, non-productive time, or anytime the operator feels it is warranted.

Product Quality Plan Reviews

Manufacturer of service related product will either manufacturer with or without a Product Quality Plan (PQP). PQPs are required when requested by the operators and typically is an additional cost. WPAG offers PQP reviews to ensure all required controls are in place and employees are fully capable of executing and competent against the stated PQP requirements.

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