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WPAG Management System, Programs and Workshops

Today, every organizational operation in the petroleum, oil and gas industry is expected to have a management system that controls their processes while minimizing risks, regardless if you are an operator, service company or supplier.  WPAG specializes in management system development, implementation and sustainment. Our founder and employees have developed robust comprehensive management system for two of the top 5 service companies in the oil and gas industry and have helped hundreds of other through consulting. Regardless of the need, from full management systems to improvements within, WPAG can maximize your performance and results with our management system services.

The WPAG Management System

WPAG Management System is a comprehensive integrated management system that meets all of the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, API Q1 and API Q2. Our management systems are completely scalable to meet your individual needs, ensuring compliance and performance results. We have partnered with some of the industry best software and system companies to offer you complete enterprise solutions at an affordable cost, ensuring that you are not only comply with stated requirements but that your organization is meeting established performance expectations.

WPAG does not offer a turn-key or fill-in the blank management system. Instead, our team of experts works with your organization to customize the WPAG management system to fit your organization's culture, services, risks and performance expectations. This approach ensures a customized management system that aligns with your organization while giving you are the assurance that the fundamental controls meet all of the ISO and API specification requirements. We offer a three tiered approach and our "Service Guarantee" with our management system services.

Tier I Management System Development

WPAG works closely with a core group from your organization to customize the WPAG Management System to align with your company's structure, vision and expectations. We guarantee that the customized system will meet or exceed all of the ISO and API standards that your company selects.

Tier II Management System Implementation

The level of support includes the development and execution of implementation plans, to include internal training on the management system, competency assessments for key and essential management system personnel and support during the implementation phase. We have unique tools and processes that not only facilitates and expedites the implementation phase but ensures results. This level of service provides your customers with a higher level of assure than your competitors. If you are using an external management system to meet your ISO, API or contract  requirements, WPAG encourages your to try out this customized and performance-based approach. We guarantee improvement over any off-the-shelf product or you will not pay the performance portion of your contract.


WPAG Training and Workshops

WPAG offers a number of unique workshops to help companies improve in different areas. These workshops are meant to supplement your existing management system to drastically improve performance. Below are a few of the workshops that we offer.

Quality Improvement

  1. API Q2 Leadership Course - 3 Hours
  2. API Q2 General Awareness - 2 Hours
  3. Management of Change (MOC) - 4 Hours
  4. Product Quality Plans (PQP) - 4 Hours
  5. Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) - 4 Hours
  6. Contingency Planning - 4 Hours
  7. Management Review - 4 Hours
  8. Service Quality Plans (SQP) - 1 Day
  9. Supplier Quality Plans (SQP) - 1 Day
  10. Process and Product Realization - 1 Day
  11. Internal Audits - 1 Day
  12. Procedure development - 1 Day

Risk Management

  1. Risk Assessments - 1 Day
  2. Risk Assessments Workshop - 4 Hours

Process Improvement

  1. 5S General Overview - 4 Hours
  2. 5S Program - 1 Day
  3. Facility Layout - 1 Day
  4. Lean Basics - 4 Hours
  5. Lean Transformation - 1 Day

In addition to the above, WPAG will design and/or customize any workshop to meet your specific needs.